Purple Mystic Mushrooms


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Purple Mystic: Potency, Trip Effects, Dosage & Growing

Purple Mystic Mushrooms is a kind of Psilocybe cubensis that was stabilized by multiple growers after being discovered growing wild in a cow field in East Plant City, Florida. The cap is frequently at least somewhat purple, thus the name. There isn’t much information available regarding this strain; the majority of published descriptions appear to be merely repetitions of data provided by the original collector.

Purple Mystic Mushrooms

Identification and Description Purple Mystic Mushrooms

Medium-sized, bell-shaped when young; gradually flattens as it ages. Golden to reddish brown, frequently with a purple undertone. Young specimens have a thin veil that quickly tears. The traces of the veil on the edge of the cap are quickly lost. White internal flesh bruises to a bluish-green color.
Gills: Broadly or narrowly attached. When young, the spores are a grayish-purple color that turn virtually black with maturity.
Thin, frequently lengthy, bluish-yellowing but hollow, stem. The spores that land on the stem ring have turned it a purplish-brown color.
Not nearly elliptical spores.
Dark, purplish brown spore print.
The strain was discovered growing on cow dung, but it will also consume horse manure and can be grown on a wide range of substrates.

Purple Mystic Mushrooms

Look-alikes Purple Mystic Mushrooms

Avoiding look-alikes is less of a worry because Purple Mystic is a developed variety. Despite this, it resembles the majority of other cube strains and many magics from other species—including several that are either edible or, in some circumstances, extremely toxic. Knowing how produced mushrooms look does not qualify you to pick them in the wild because there are numerous species that only slightly differ from this one. Strong ID abilities are required.

Effects Purple Mystic Mushrooms

It is controversial whether the effects genuinely vary from one cube strain to the next. It’s true that some people assert they do, but it doesn’t seem realistic.

Of all, psilocybin trips can differ depending on so many factors besides the strain (dose, the user’s sensitivity, mood, and setting), that whatever unique characteristics any strain may have are probably outweighed. Anyhow, nobody seems to be claiming any particular qualities for a Purple Mystic Mushrooms experience.

Like all other cubes, it induces hallucinations at larger doses and modifies, or at least exaggerates, your mood, thoughts, and behavior. What form all of this change takes primarily depends on you.

Potency and Dosage

We haven’t been able to find any trustworthy information about this strain’s potency. Purple Mystic’s proponent has asserted that it is the strongest cube strain now in use, however this claim has not been objectively verified and may not be accurate.

Psilocybin dosage needs to be done correctly because it might have potentially serious side effects and because the size of the dose determines how intense the trip will be.

Knowing the potency is also necessary to determine the proper dose. When the potency is uncertain, getting a large batch, powdering it, and thoroughly mixing it is your best option. Take a tiny bit of the powder, and then see what occurs. When you know what dose to use for the remainder of the batch, you can gradually increase the amount until you obtain the desired effects.


Information is once more elusive and confusing. Although once it becomes established, the strain’s productivity was good over several flushes, some growers considered it to be quick, vigorous, and easy to deal with, while others found it to be slow and difficult.

Toxicity, Safety, & Side Effects

Purple Mystic Mushrooms is not known to have any safety issues that other cubes don’t, but it’s important to remember that even while psilocybin is a mostly risk-free technique to modify the mind, there are still potential side effects, some of which can be hazardous (though fortunately they are uncommon).

Use the lowest amount you can to achieve the desired effects, maintain a calm and pleasant attitude, and ensure that the environment is secure and tranquil, among other important safety advice. Especially if you want to utilize a bigger amount than you have previously, bring a trip-sitter with you. Take the necessary time to process the experience later, or all those valuable personal and spiritual realizations won’t be of any use to you.

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