LSD Vial


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LSD Vial

This product contains 1 LSD vial of liquid LSD. Each vial has approximately 4,000ug of liquid LSD. The equivalent of 20 double dose hits of 200ug each. To increase dosage you may buy a smaller dropper online (Example: 40 single dose hits of 100ug each).

LSD Vial

Warning: Store product in a dark and cold environment. The best place would be in a fridge drawer. Do not expose this product to light or heat for a prolonged period or the product will lose strength. Do not handle this product with your bare hands.

Disclaimer: This is a very strong product. This product is much more potent than single dose LSD Blotter Tabs. If you’re new to experimenting with Liquid LSD, we suggest that you drop it on a medium that can be split in half once dried unless you can find a smaller dropper

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