Jack Frost Magic Mushrooms


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Jack Frost Magic Mushrooms are in a league of their own. Jack Frost Magic Mushroom

Jack Frost Magic Mushrooms  are extremely uncommon and extremely potent. This Psilocybe cubensis strain is recognized as one of the most attractive and distinctive-looking strains among its contemporaries. The Magic Mushroom, Jack Frost Psilocybe cubensis’ (JF) ghostly-white albino strain appears to have it all: good appearance, potency, and contamination resistance. However, it’s unclear where it came from.

Despite being relatively uncommon and unique, the two “mother strains” of this mushroom, True Albino Teacher and Albino Penis Envy, are both well-known varieties in their own right. Both are regarded for having potencies that are above normal. The Magic Mushroom, Jack Frost

Jack Frost Magic Mushrooms

Is Jack Frost Magic Mushrooms the ultimate albino strain?

We’ll delve deeply into the characteristics, background, cultivation, and everything else you need to know about this eerie fungus in this post, including how to grow it yourself at home. The Magic Mushroom, Jack Frost

What Are Jack Frost Shrooms?

Psilocybe cubensis, a type of psychedelic mushroom, is the species that includes Jack Frost mushrooms. This strain is an all-white cross between Albino Penis Envy and True Albino Teacher.

A non-pigmented offspring of the well-known Golden Teacher Psilocybe cubensis strain, which is known for being simple to grow, is True Albino Teacher.

One of the most potent Psilocybe cubensis strains ever created, Original Penis Envy mushroom, is now available in an albino form. The Magic Mushroom, Jack Frost

The combination of these genetics could make Jack Frost appealing for several attributes — including its appearance, potency, and contamination resistance.

The attractiveness of the fruiting bodies this strain produces gives it its name. Flat caps are produced by Jack Frost, and as they start to shed fine white spores, they curl upward.

They appear to have just received a little coating of snow. The Magic Mushroom, Jack Frost

These mushrooms clearly contain a lot of psilocybin since the gills take on a bluish colour.

The medium-sized fruiting bodies have somewhat heavy caps and dense stalks.

Jack Frost mushrooms maintain most of their ghostly white hue after drying. However, bruising that happens during the harvest, drying, and storing processes may cause some sections to develop a light to dark-blue coloring. The Magic Mushroom, Jack Frost

It is possible to produce milky-white mushrooms if you handle them carefully.

This albino strain is absolutely gorgeous and has above-average potency while being quite simple to produce.

Depending on where you reside, it may be difficult to locate this rare strain, but we’ve seen that it’s becoming more widespread every year.

Jack Frost Magic Mushrooms

A-Strain Specs:

Potency Above Average
Cultivation Beginner to Intermediate
Species Psilocybe cubensis
Substrate Recommendation Rye Grain
Cost $$
Sold By Ralphsters Spores, Spores 101, MushLove Genetics, Magic Spore

Jack Frost Magic Mushrooms Potency & Psilocybin Content

Jack Frost’s potency is above average. After taking these mushrooms in ordinary doses, users describe vivid visuals, a light euphoria, and time dilation.

These mushrooms have been compared by some neuronauts to the likes of Penis Envy and Tidal Wave, two of the most potent Psilocybe cubensis strains ever grown.

Despite having a solid reputation for being a very potent magic mushroom strain, nothing is known about the psilocybin amounts that Jack Frost generates. Unfortunately,

Due to how recently the strain’s spores have entered the market, no exact chemical profiles for the strain have been released. The Magic Mushroom, Jack Frost Magic Mushrooms

However, by examining the two mother strains it was developed from, we may make some educated assumptions about the anticipated psilocybin content.

Albino Penis Envy (APE) is incredibly powerful and well-known for it, as seen by internet test reports and The Psilocybin Cup.

The history of True Albino Teacher (TAT) is equally lengthy, but for different causes. One of the most popular albino strains for novice growers is TAT.

We can look at the 2021 Oakland Hyphae Psilocybin Cup results and see that at least one of Jack Frost’s mother strains performed extremely well.

A sample of albino penis envy produced by the cultivator “Dr. Greythumb” placed fourth in the competition.

The sample yielded an astonishing 1.73 mg/g of psilocybin, which is three times stronger than the typical Golden Teacher sample.

Other Albino Penis Envy samples that were put into the cup produced psilocybin concentrations between 0.92 and 1.55. The Magic Mushroom, Jack Frost

Jack Frost makes up 50% of the genetic makeup of Albino Penis Envy, yet we cannot assume that it can create the same quantities of psilocybin.

We can predict that Jack Frost easily yields tryptamine levels up to 1.2% when grown in suitable conditions based on first-hand trip reports and APE statistics.

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