Ghost Magic Mushrooms


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Ghost Magic Mushrooms

For such a tiny little mushroom, Ghost Magic Mushrooms a big punch. They’re an incredibly strong, and introspective magic mushroom. Ghost are not for the beginner psychonaut because their effects can be very intense, but if you have experience and want to try them, they could change your life. We love them but stock is always limited so if these are available grab some while you can!

Appearance Ghost Magic Mushrooms

Ghost mushrooms are probably the cutest little mushroom you’ll ever see, they’re white and tend to bruise very blue because of their high potency. They look like tiny little bowling pins.

Ghost Magic Mushrooms

Ghost are very potent, and when I say that I’m not exaggerating, they’re the most potent mushroom I’ve ever eaten. Even with a medium dose, some of the more experienced psychonauts will tell you Ghost are life-changing. They have a very strong body high and similar wavy hallucinations to Penis Envy. A trip on Ghost is an incredibly introspective experience. You’ll end up learning things about yourself that you would never have thought were possible. The strong effects last around 6-8 hours, with after effects lasting weeks or even months.

A trip on Ghost is an incredibly introspective experience. You’ll end up learning things about yourself that you would never have thought were possible. It’s a great mushroom if you need some answers about yourself or to resolve some trauma that you’ve buried.

Ghost Magic Mushrooms

Ghost are incredibly strong, but also incredibly helpful at high doses for your mental health. We recommend testing the waters before using our dosing chart and work your way up to a high dose.

0.1-0.35g – Microdose – background work, you may feel a slight boost in mood and some extra energy
0.5-1.5g – Light dose – recreational
2-3.5g – Moderate dose – recreational – closed eye visuals, very euphoric
4-5g – Strong dose – bordering on a spiritual dose, open and closed eye visuals usually
5g+ – Heroic or Spiritual dose – intense visuals and euphoria, high doses like this are where people usually experience an altered sense of self or ego death

Why Ghost Magic Mushrooms?
You want to completely dissolve your sense of self? Then definitely pick Ghost. They’re a fun trip at lower doses than the average shroom, at high doses, these will potentially cause ego death. If you have some shadow work to do, a Ghost trip is a great place to start. You’ll feel the positive effects on your mental health for weeks, if not months after your trip.

Disclaimer: all of the information provided is subjective. Everybody is different and every person handles psychedelics differently. Please use our products with caution and respect. Please note that every mushroom is different and there is a huge difference in appearance between fresh and dried mushrooms. The mushrooms you will receive are dried and will look similar (not identical) to the dried mushrooms pictured

Experience the mesmerizing allure of Fat Ghost Magic Mushrooms. This unique strain is sure to captivate your senses and transport you to a world of enchantment. Immerse yourself in the mystical realm, as these premium-quality mushrooms guide you on a transformative journey of introspection and wonder. With Fat Ghost Magic Mushrooms, embrace the ethereal and embark on an extraordinary adventure unlike any other. Elevate your consciousness and unlock the secrets of the universe with Fat Ghost Magic Mushrooms today

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